How Hormone Replacement Therapy aid in Weight Loss

09 Apr

Losing weight becomes more and more difficult as one’s age progresses. It can be frustrating to find that diet and exercise may not be very effective in weight loss, or they could be after a lot of hassle. In such scenarios, the hormones are to blame through their imbalance, which affects the way the body regulates its own weight. Find out more about the hormones and weight loss by clicking here.

Endocrine system’s glands produce these chemicals (hormones) within the body. They move to all parts of the body including systems, tissues, and organs delivering information of what to do and when to do it. As people get older, there is a change in hormone production where the endocrine tissue may produce much less hormones or produce them at a lower rate than it used to at a younger age. This has an effect on the levels of calcitonin, DHEA, progesterone and parathyroid hormone. This leads to the inability of the body regulating the processes that assist in weight loss. There is less energy for exercise, increased abdominal fat, and slower metabolism.

A simple act of replenishing the hormones that you have lost can reverse the issue of hormone imbalance and restore the ability to lose weight. Most of the patients who seek the hormone replacement therapy for weight loss eye at promoting metabolism and energy, which help with weight loss. Because all hormones are not equal, experts in the medical field recommend a hormone replacement therapy that use biomedical hormones other than the synthetic hormones. The difference is that the biomedical hormones have been made with a similar biological effect and molecular structure like the ones produced by the body. They are safe since they rarely cause side effects.

When added to proper exercise and a healthy diet, the hormone replacement therapy can help you reduce your weight. The hormones involved in this include testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, estrone, Human Growth Hormone, Incretin, Insulin, pregnenolone and Incretin. Testerone is the sex hormone produced by both women and men and inhibits fat storage. Estrone help women control appetite and sugar cravings. Progesterone is a sex hormone that enable the conversion of stored fat to energy and can lead to overeating among women. DHEA increases body’s metabolism, decrease appetite for fats and prevent fat storage. Human Growth Hormone converts the body fats into muscles. Insulin control the absorption of glucose in fat, muscles and liver. Incretin ensure that there is right insulin response hence slowing gastric emptying rate. Pregnenolone improves brain function and memory, reduce stress, keep metabolism high and prevent abdominal fat storage. For more information, click on this link:

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